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Hudson & Saleeby - Chris Hudson
Chris Hudson

Chris Hudson of the musical entertainment duo, Hudson & Saleeby, was born and raised in Shelby, NC.

Thanks to his musically talented mother, Chris started learning to play and sing at a very young age and by age 7 was in formal training with a vocal coach. His training continued through his "growing" years and that incredible tenor quality with seamless movement from regular voice to falsetto is the result of that training. When the young male goes through puberty, the voice changes. Working with Chris during that time, his vocal coach was able to make that change work to Chris' benefit. When you hear him sing, you will know.

When Chris decided to go to college, he thought that being a Dentist or a Veterinarian was his calling. After several years of pre-Dentistry, his musical background tugged at him and he ended up changing his major to music. His degree came from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

During that time at UNCC, Chris Hudson was introduced to Doug Saleeby. Doug was also attending UNCC and the soprano sitting between them in the University Chorale introduced them. Deborah said, "Hey Chris, you should hear this guy on my other side sing, he's pretty good". So, they got to know each other and when they graduated, drove out to Las Vegas to see what this entertainment business is all about.



Chris being nice to friends

Chris in his leather jacket

 Chris Hudson on stage

Chris' baby pic, isn't he cute?!

 Chris looking dreamy eyed

 Sears pose...  :)



Doug Saleeby

Hudson and Saleeby make Music!

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