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Stage Requirements, our baby-grand-like keyboards, and our utility van
for transporting gear for the musical entertainment act Hudson & Saleeby

Stage equipment on dollies

Rectangular Stage keyboards facing forward

Stage Size
24' x 8'

Close to a wall or backdrop with no audience behind, only storage of gear cases. We can face our pianos out or toward each other.

Real Grands


20' x 20'

Real Grand Piano Setup

Stage Size
24' x 10'

Square or Round Stage

12' x 12'

Use this configuration when you want us in-the-round with audience on all sides.

Corner Stage

16' x 16'

Use this configuration when you want us in a corner whether we are using Grands or just our smaller regular keyboards, we still need 16' from the corner.

General Requirements and Rider

Stage: We do not need an actual stage, but we do need a space that is either rectangular shaped 8' deep X 24' long, or square 16' x 16' if you prefer an in-the-round performance. We are able to squeeze and fit into slightly smaller spaces if needed, these sizes indicated are comfortable. If possible, please try to keep the stage height under 1' since the success of an interactive piano event that encourages audience involvment may count on us and the stage being easily accessible. Also, we prefer dark carpet which hides cords better and will be more visually appealing to the audience.

Travel and Accommodations: When the event is more than 100 miles from Memphis, we require separate overnight accommodations on or near the site of the event. When the event is over 300 miles we require two rooms to be supplied for two nights. We appreciate any meals included during our travels. We travel by highway in our own vehicle and welcome any compensation for fuel.

Stage Decorations: We do not supply any stage sets or decorations.

Power: We will need one 110v Quad box at center stage, approx. 20amp, connected to power, or other appropriate source of power.

Lighting: The lighting we supply is simple and minimal.

Sound: We will bring all sound adequate to handle most events or ballrooms seating up to 600, or we can supply a pre-mixed XLR jack "line level" signal to your Direct Box to achieve a "Mic level" to tie into a larger house system.

Instruments: We supply our own musical instruments.

If you are flying us in and providing all instruments and gear:

Pianos: 2 Acousic grand pianos of similar color, size, and look. If you
prefer and have access to piano SHELLS and electronic keyboards, that is
fine, too, if you are happy with the look.

Stools: We have found the Quik-Lok BX-14 Padded Keyboard Bench stools/benches
to adjust to the right height of 24", they are sturdy, and fold up nicely.
Whatever brand, we need them to be padded and reach the height of 24".


If the sound system could have some kind of reverb for vocal sweetening, we'd
appreciate that.

The 2 boom stands need to be the type that are extendable, not just little
goosenecks. And additional straight stand would be needed for the guest mic.

The vocal mics we prefer are Shure SM58-A Beta and we would want 3 or 4 mics
as sometimes the audience members like to get up and sing with us and will
need a mic.

The pianos have to be amplified with a microphone or other electronic pick-
up. These should be placed inside or underneath as we keep the piano lids

3 monitors. One for each of us and one in the middle.

Other than the usual lights, we do use some music and would like some kind of
light for our music. We use a simple black case halogen desklamp from
OfficeMax, but if the lighting can provide us with something for the music,
we would not need anything additional.

Tranportation: We would need transportation provided to and from the airport
as well as to and from the venue.

We would be fine in most cases to fly the morning of the event and then
return the next morning, only spending one night in the event city. This
would get us back in time to get our gear set up for another event.

We require separate rooms. If possible, we like to use choicehotel brands,
Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Sleep Inn, Clarion as we are a
member of the "points" program with those hotels and get special offers and

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