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When Hudson & Saleeby make music, they achieve distinction.
They achieve momentum.
Their purpose is to go beyond.
To reach for substance. To share a feeling. To share their imagination.
Hudson & Saleeby is Chris Hudson and Doug Saleeby. Two separate people.
They offer themselves to you that way.
They create a whole new instrument when their voices join.
The presentation is personable and entertaining.
The repertoire is classic and varied.
This is their essence.

Hudson & Saleeby

A keyboard and vocal duo specializing in outstanding vocals and a popular repertoire with a spontaneous and entertaining presentation. Hudson and Saleeby, the self-contained keyboard/vocal duo based in Memphis TN and Chicago, IL has been entertaining audiences throughout the country for over twenty years.

Chris and Doug studied music from the age of four and started their musical act in 1974 in Charlotte, NC, while attending UNC. They moved to Las Vegas, NV, in 1975 where they performed extensively. In 1982, they relocated their home base to Memphis, TN, and now travel the entire country performing for many varied events.

While based in Las Vegas, Hudson & Saleeby performed at nearly every large hotel property with their five piece backup band or as a duo. They played some of the great rooms such as Cleopatra's Barge at Caesar's Palace, The Atrium at the Tropicana, the Piano Bar at the Dunes, and many other great rooms at the Riviera, Flamingo, Hilton, Frontier, Sands, and the Desert Inn.

While based in Memphis, TN, Hudson & Saleeby have had the pleasure of performing in some great properties in that area including the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, the Grand Palace Theater in Branson, MO, the Greenbrier in West Virginia, the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Anheuser Busch's Grants Farm, home of the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses near St Louis, MO, and many other great venues.


Chris Hudson of the musical entertainment duo, Hudson & Saleeby, was born and raised in Shelby, NC. Thanks to his musically talented mother, Chris started learning to play and sing at a very young age and by age 7 was in formal training with a vocal coach. His training continued through his "growing" years and that incredible tenor quality with seamless movement from regular voice to falsetto is the result of that training. When the young male goes through puberty, the voice changes. Working with Chris during that time, his vocal coach was able to make that change work to Chris' benefit. When you hear him sing, you will know. When Chris decided to go to college, he thought that being a Dentist or a Veterinarian was his calling. After several years of pre-Dentistry, his musical background tugged at him and he ended up changing his major to music. His degree came from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During that time at UNCC, Chris Hudson was introduced to Doug Saleeby. Doug was also attending UNCC and the soprano sitting between them in the University Chorale introduced them. Deborah said, "Hey Chris, you should hear this guy on my other side sing, he's pretty good". So, they got to know each other and when they graduated, drove out to Las Vegas to see what this entertainment business is all about.


Doug Saleeby of the musical entertainment duo, Hudson & Saleeby, was born and raised in Statesville, NC. When Doug's parents heard him in the basement picking out songs on the piano - both hands - by ear - at age 4, they took notice. "Ed, isn't he too young for lessons?" Doug's mom asked his dad. Those questions went on for another year, as did the piano playing. They started his weekly lessons at age 5. The teacher had to really be careful not to give him too much information. If she would play the song he was supposed to learn, he would go home and play it by ear and never look at the notes. It took the teacher a little while to catch on to this and soon put him on the right track. But playing by ear and by the chords was always his love even though he studied the music of Beethoven, Chopin, and all the greats. Playing pop music by the chords and by ear was always what captured his heart. Doug went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to become an architect. After a year of that... and no sleep, Doug changed his major to Music. During that time at UNCC, Doug Saleeby was introduced to fellow classman Chris Hudson. In University Chorale practice one day, the soprano sitting between them introduced them to each other. Deborah said, "Hey Doug, you should hear this guy on my other side sing, he's pretty good". So, they got to know each other and when they graduated, drove out to Las Vegas to see what the entertainment business was all about..... ....and the rest is history....


"Hudson & Saleeby is as professional an act as I've seen. I would recommend them anytime, anywhere. Please feel free to call for a reference." Paul Moore, VP - Co-Head of Operations - Nashville office - William Morris Agency

"Your combination of talent, timing, and personality made us look very good as meeting planners....we'll have you back!" Bobbie Smith, NCTDRA

"The entertainers were tremendous! They are so talented and versatile!" Convention Planner for Students in Free Enterprise

"Your music is a treasure!" Melinda Grable - Executive VP - Heartbeat Productions - Memphis, TN

"Hudson & Saleeby are the best duo to play Las Vegas." Joe Delaney - Las Vegas Review Journal

"Musicianship - in a word - EXCELLENT!" Garry Dean - Music Connection Magazine - Hollywood, CA

"The love you have for your music shines in your talent and professionalism." Kay Isbell - CaneBrake at Piney Creek

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